Hydropower: The Best Clean Energy And Power Source

Hydropower, the clean energy power source, is an alternative to carbon fuels. Hydropower has tremendous application in the modern society as it is not a polluting energy source. Here water is used to produce electricity and power and this practice is followed since ages. The use of modern technology has made hydropower more efficient or a useful resource for generating electricity. Indeed, around 20% of electricity all across the globe is generated with hydropower. Alone in the USA, 10% of power is produced through it. Just after Canada, the USA produces the largest amount of hydropower. By using energy generated by the moving water, power is produced. The renewable energy source is the cheapest since it harnesses the power of water.

A hydro plant mainly has three components, a dam which is either closed or opened, an electric plant to produce the electricity and the reservoir to store water. The water that is behind the dam flows and pushes the blade in the turbine to cause them turn. The turbine then spins the generator in order to generate electricity. The electricity produced is dependent on the amount of water that moves through the hydro plant system.

Hydroelectric power accounts for 1/5th of electricity

It is great to learn that hydroelectric power offers electricity to 1/5th of the world. Some of the largest producers of hydropower are countries including Canada, USA, China, Russia and Brazil. It is now the major player in the realm of energy game. Nations are now trying to produce electricity from the oceans.…